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Saying Good-bye to a Season

My oldest child officially started kindergarten this week.

To be fair, we are homeschooling, so I am not having to drop him off at a building and drive away and entrust his life to other adults for several hours, five days a week. I still am around him almost always and have a fair amount of say regarding how he spends his days.

Yet, this is a definite shift in our relationship in the sense that, the baby and toddler seasons are over for him.

He's a big kid.

He and I both needed to use the restroom yesterday so, per usual, I took him in with me. He went in a separate stall and then washed his hands and waited for me outside. As I was washing my hands I noticed other little girls in the restroom with me, the same age as my son, washing their hands... without their parents.

It dawned on me... I can send him into the boys' bathroom without me.

(I know that not all situations are ideal for this, but at the church building where our homeschool co-op meets, it's totally fine.)


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