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When you're embarrassed of your spouse's sin...

I think it's no secret that as sinners living side-by-side in a fallen world, there are going to be occasions when we embarrass one another or are embarrassed of one another.

It starts fairly young. I distinctly remember instances of being embarrassed of my siblings or parents, be it the way they dressed or something they said, but I felt embarrassed. I had expectations of how they were supposed to speak or act that best benefited me and, to my dismay, they did not get the memo.

Fast forward a couple of decades and I find myself married, much to my surprise, another sinner.
I think, maybe, in the secular world the spousal standards are a little lower. Enter the church world? The bar is raised. It's not enough to stay faithful physically, now husbands are called to stay faithful mentally and wives to stay faithful emotionally. It's not enough to avoid physical violence, now both are called to use words that encourage and build up. While I thoroughly agree with the biblical …

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