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No More Free Passes, No More Profuse Kisses

I've never been allowed to lose my temper and act irrationally.

Whether it was as a child or an adult, I've had the sense to know that it was unacceptable. No one was going to give me that pass. There were societal expectations and I was to meet them. Getting angry and breaking a phone, for instance, wasn't ever going to be a thing in my life.

 And yet...

There was a beloved family member growing up who was known for his temper. He would get angry, yell, break things, throw things, etc. When he was on a tirade, we knew to avoid him, lest we become mere byproducts of his Sisyphean rage. We were frightened... but we gave him a pass.

 Outside of his bursts, we joked about his temper. "Don't cross him!" his children would say in jest. All would laugh but, surely, I thought, didn't we all know that it wasn't okay? Didn't we all know that his fits of rage were scary? Unnecessary? Inexcusable?

 As I've grown, I have watched this same behavior manifes…

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