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2018 in review

My two older boys are playing with Legos at the kitchen table while my baby crawls beneath my feet. My toddler daughter is out on a date with her daddy and soup is simmering on the stove next to two loaves of freshly-baked bread. If you omit the sink filled with dirty dishes and mountains of laundry on the couch, it's pretty picture perfect in my world. Also, let's pretend I've showered today and I'm not wearing sweats adorned with snot and spit-up.

I wrote in January of 2018 that this would be my year of embracing my roles. Of maintaining what I already have instead of trying to tack on more.

It feels interesting, in hindsight, that so much was stripped away in 2018 that I was more or less forced to embrace my bare bones calling. There wasn't room for adding responsibilities outside of my own four walls. Children were needy, my marriage begged for attention, friendships teetered on the edge of collapse. So many prayers were slow deep breaths of, "Lord, help m…

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