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Deep Hurts... Thoughts on Charlottesville

It's been hard for me to write these past few weeks. I've been able to crank out that which is due for the sites that have expectations of me... but for this space, I feel like I am all out of words.

We've had some personal family sadness that I am not going to write about publicly.

The protests in Charlottesville have left me speechless.

There's a line in Patty Griffin's, "Rain" that says:

"Sometimes a hurt is so deep, deep, deep... you think that you're gonna drown. Sometimes all I can do is weep, weep, weep... with all this rain pourin' down."

This line has been constantly playing in my mind. Sometimes all you can actually do is weep. Sometimes you really feel like you're drowning in grief. There are no actual words to soften the blow and no actual activities that can numb the pain. The hurt is just too deep... it would take an excavator to get it out. And, even then, you'd be left with a massive hole.

I've been increasingl…

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