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TIme on the Right Things

This is my year of No. My year of Only Good Things. My year of Rest.

I'm not typically one to do resolutions, it's true. I am more the type to chew on an idea or theme for 365 days, filtering most things through that particular lens.

I wrote out all of my roles recently and, without adding any extras, I lead a full life. One cannot simply write, "mother" without thinking of all that entails... because within that six-letter-word lies a litany of responsibility. "Mother" means educational responsibilities, piano lessons, doctor's appointments, routine teeth cleanings at the dentist, unforeseen circumstances, a million conversations about character, discipline, endless openings of cheese sticks and unpeelings of mandarin oranges, etc. etc.

The same could be said for, "wife" or "member of (whichever) church." Tack on any outside of the home obligations and a life becomes full quickly.

Because there is grocery shopping, meal planning, coo…

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