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Just Keep Swimming

Scratchy throats necessitate hot drinks at all hours and soup for every meal. Isn't that some sort of ancient truism? Let's stitch it on a pillow, shall we?

Today is rainy (again). Maybe I am only able to carve out time to type out some semblance of coherency on rainy days. Either way, the rain is falling and my baby is stirring for stage one of his Great Nap Boycott and I am choosing to not organize the kids' closets or fold laundry. Instead, here I sit.

My heart has been heavy lately. I'm thinking I must be a big Feeler because I seem to be carrying burdens for several friends. Friends with addictions that won't let go. Friends with illnesses that don't seem to end. Friends with empty wombs. Friends with broken marriages. These are all real stories that are communicated to me over a tiny Starbucks table or behind swinging toddlers at the park. All heavy burdens that I am called to share. And another weight is stacked onto my heart.

I've been thinking quit…

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