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A Quiet Life

Last night I sat in a living room with three other women. They’re all mothers and homeschoolers and Christ-followers, but those descriptions are lacking. One is an extremely talented singer and songwriter and musician. Another, a gifted wordsmith. The third, a counselor with wisdom and biblical insight beyond her years. None earn an income outside of the home.
And we sat, discussing the pull of culture, sipping on La Croix and passing around coffee cake. The pull of culture being the pull to forsake our calling and duties to pursue things that will make us feel valued and worthy, known and recognized. A life that is attractive. A life that inspires envy. Even the choice to live a “quiet life” beckons to be documented on Instagram. “Look, followers, as I do my small life with my children in my home. See me. Affirm me. I have burdens. Praise me. Tell me I am good.” I feel the tug. One of those friends and I have been walking a journey this year of learning to bake and challenging one …

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