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In the Weeds

When I was in my early twenties I, like many other college students, paid rent by waiting tables. Officially, we servers were only expected to manage 3-4 tables at a time, but (as life often goes) we would often find ourselves in the throes of an unexpected Monday night dinner rush ill-equipped to adequately serve our patrons and be thrust into frantically waiting on 6-10 tables at a time.

This, my friends, is an example of being, "in the weeds," which is restaurant slang for, "hopelessly behind."

Someone needed a refill. Five minutes ago. That man's food came out with a hair on it (it happens). Everyone needs extra ranch. Her burger wasn't supposed to have onions on it.

These scenarios sort of made or broke a server. Were you the type to just calmly move through, meetings needs as you could? Or the type to stand dumbfounded in the kitchen, helplessly staring at the trays of plates that needed to be delivered as soon as possible?

I've had several days r…

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