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Discerning Our Fish and Loaves

I am pretty mediocre... but don't deny me my self-awareness.
I'm not in amazing physical shape, but I'm fairly healthy.
I don't have any extraordinary talents. I am mostly average in all of the ways. My dinners are usually edible, but never anything that leaves our guests clamoring for a recipe. 
I can't sing or play an instrument.
I think I'm average height and weight. Or pretty close to that.
I'm just... average.
There are a lot of times I wished I had gone ahead and pursued a career in the medical field so I could really help people... had a skill that was legitimately beneficial after a natural disaster. Or, that I had taken some sort of music lessons, so I could bless others in that arena. 
The other day, I told my husband that, had I known I would grow up to be a homeschooling mom, I would have invested my time in cooking classes and sewing classes... or maybe even learned how to cut hair.
Something to make ME feel useful. Because it's all about …

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