Staying motivated...

As I mentioned in my last post the first couple of weeks of school I kinda fell off the wagon. Which wouldn't be a big deal if I hadn't been struggling just to stay on the wagon all summer. For me, falling off the wagon meant giving in to every indulgence and running... like... never.

I kept complaining about how tired I was all the time and that I felt sick. It never occurred to me (though I am sooo so quick to point this out in others) that I was causing the way I felt by not taking care of myself.

Vicious, vicious cycle. I was grumpy, tired and didn't feel great. So I had little to no patience for 120 7th graders or for my husband. So I would be... less than kind... and receive somewhat of a similar response. I felt attacked! The only vindication was sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.

See how I was spiraling?

So Jeff told me to just make myself do what I needed to do, even if I didn't feel like it. So even when I would rather have a bowl of ice cream with magic shell on it for dinner, I'll eat a ground turkey and bean pita burrito instead. Even when I would rather sit and go through pages and pages on Netflix trying to find something I can stand to watch to kill time, I'll go for a run (this ended up being a jog/walk today as it's 105 degrees outside this afternoon and I couldn't run this morning b/c of a faculty meeting!)

And SURPRISE... I'm sleeping better. Feeling better. Have more energy and patience.

Who knew?


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