3:30 on Thursday=Friday.

My heart is kind of sad today. There are two separate marriages that both started the year I got married. I was at both weddings. I have been around both couples since their weddings. One marriage is that of a family member. They are both ending.

Jeff and I will celebrate our two year anniversary on Oct. 2.

I don't think we are better than either couple by any means. I don't think we treat each other better because we are great, forgiving people. Nothing like that.

But we do have Jesus. And we do have His standards in mind for marriage.Though we rarely, if ever, meet those standards, that's what we're striving for.

I am sad for the broken hearts in these two situations. I am sad for all the angry words that will linger. I am sad for the broken self-esteems. I am sad for the ease of throwing in the towel.

I don't really know what to do with my feelings. But I really am sad.

I know there are worse things in the world. There are dying children in Africa from the famine. There are miscarriages, murders (one occurred this morning in my school district), there are torn families.

But this is what I am sad for today.


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