Running while pregnant

Ok, so granted I am only eight(ish) weeks along, but so far I haven't noticed a difference with running while pregnant. This morning I ran six miles and felt fine. Maybe when I weigh thirty more lbs I'll be able to tell, but for now I'm good.

I have NOT been good in the nutrition department. I remember reading about Gwyneth Paltrow talking about how during her first pregnancy all she wanted was junk. I can TOTALLY relate.

Jeff and I will be married two years on Sunday and prior to my being pregnant we had ordered pizza maybe twice. And both times we were having people over and it was just out of convenience. However, since finding out about our little bundle of joy, we have ordered pizza six times. I found out 23 days ago. Nice.

I have also sent Jeff to go get a McFlurry... which I haven't had one of those in about three years (we had a coupon!) and boy oh boy if I could get my fingers on some brownie batter... the damage I would do.

I know this is HORRIBLE. I know, I know. I am legtitimately trying to reign it in. Today I had a New Teacher Workshop and I skipped the dessert table and doubled up on the salad and green beans with a less than meager helping of the weird roast and mushroom pasta dish. So I have my good moments. But for dinner I am making burritos. And by "making" I mean heating up some El Monterrey beef & bean burritos. To complement the spoonful of peanut butter and HUGE hunk of wheat bread I ate.

What can you do?

Every day is a new day.

Speaking of new days, I already mentioned that Sunday is Jeff and my('s?) two-yr anniversary. I know it's not really New Year's... but in my third year of marriage, besides having a baby, I plan to take lots of pictures. Jeff and I are always together so I don't think to ever capture the moment. But I plan to change that! We are going to the OU game this weekend and then later in the month during my fall break (yay being a teacher) we are going to stay at a bed & breakfast to celebrate. I promise to photograph said events.

And I'll be darned if we don't go to Cane's for some chicken before the game. (I know I said I was trying to be healthy... sorry. Maybe that day I'll opt out and get a salad elsewhere...)

That is all.


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