Most days I don't want to be pregnant.

That's a big fat LIE.

EVERYDAY I don't want to be pregnant.

I feel like I am the wrong person for this job. But in this case, I can't quit.

I spent the last half-hour online looking at shades of lipstick on MAC's website. I am waiting for my breakfast to digest so I can go run. Then I am excited about using my new flat iron.

However, I am not by any means interested in looking at baby things, or reading any books. I don't want to talk with you about parenting styles or home-schooling versus public. I don't care. The only thing I know is I can't suck in my stomach anymore, but I can't tell if it's because I have been baking a lot lately... or if it's because that thing I refuse to address is growing.

I know this is crazy. I know I sound horrible. The one person I confessed this to promised I would feel differently later in my pregnancy. I hope so. I hate feeling like this person.

I'm sorry, baby.


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