Tomorrow is October 14.

This may or may not be a special day for you, depending on when your birthday is... but for me, it marks the last day of the first nine weeks. This is great news. I am 1/4 of the way done with my first school year. And potentially last depending on Baby Garis.

Oh Baby Garis... I wish I knew your gender. You know your gender... XX or XY?!!

Minor detail...

Jeffrey is watching an IMAX documentary on poverty with his friend Ben tonight at the mall on the other side of OKC. Meaning he won't be home until at least ten. Meaning it's just Oscar and I tonight.

Here's what happens when Jeff's absent...

I eat. I watch crap tv on the internet (got caught up on this season of gossip girl...) and eating is no small matter. I made a box of Kraft mac and cheese (nothing organic or healthy about it... except the organic soy milk I put in it I guess...) and ate the whole thing. Which, by the way, is almost 900 calories.


It's no big deal.

I didn't run today or anything either. I am 99% sure I have an ear infection. My left ear is throbbing and it hurts when I smile or laugh. I also have a headache that is more localized right behind my ear.

Evidently ear infections are kind of a big deal when you're pregnant (it seems everything is big when you're pregnant... hardy har har) but no doctors I call are taking new patients right now (damn flu season!) and the one who is, can only see me in the mornings which is NOT convenient with my job schedule. I am already taking off Tuesday afternoon to go see the pregnant dr. (the dr. isn't pregnant, that's just why I go see her... some people call them OBGYNs), so I can't exactly take off to go find out if I have an ear infection. It probably doesn't help that I do silly things like eat entire boxes of mac and cheese. Jus' sayin'. You are what you eat, people. And I, my friends, am the cheesiest.

Have I mentioned I'm lactose intolerant?

I don't make the best decisions, always.

But hip hip hooray to me for surviving the first 9 weeks of 7th graders and cheers to next week being a short week due to fall break.


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