Mental Throw Up

I'm just sort of floating through life these days. I did manage to pull off a 5 mile run Saturday morning... which at 21 weeks of being pregnant I'm ok with. I'm hoping I can still do that in two months... or heck, even ONE month.

I am getting through each school day all right. I am going through this psychopath portion of my pregnancy where out of nowhere I am the easiest person to irritate and I can't even imagine why people would do the things they are doing to ME and don't they know how rude they're being? How DARE they... I manage to keep this under lock and key for my 7th graders but with Jeff... the gloves come flyin' off. For some reason this has been really difficult for me to control but I have no problem concealing the tears that are waiting to spring to my eyes every five minutes. I am not kidding, I am so emotional. I thought it was just an excuse pregnant women used to justify their bad days but I think it's really there... I wish I could control the snappiness. I'm getting significantly better. I didn't snap at Jeff on Saturday OR Sunday and when I did snap at him on Friday I came back and apologized really quickly.

Truth is being crazy when you're pregnant is a fact of life but I don't have to make it an excuse. I need to really learn to rely on Jesus and have HIM get me through these crazy days. Lord, help me. And Jeff. Ugh.


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