Stereotypical Thanksgiving Post

There are a lot of things I'm trying to be thankful for... and a lot I'm feeling overwhelmed about.

Right now it's that it's 12:20 AM and my baby boy is moving like crazy... which makes me think he's going to be a night owl which I am NOT (the fact that I am up this late is such a rarity for me... I'm at my parents' waiting for Jeff and his bro to wrap up their PS3 playing... ugh). I hurt my ankle running this morning somehow and now it's swollen and hurts to put weight on it... meaning I need to take some time off from running... which is kind of how I exercise... ugh. Also have I mentioned my job requires a lot of standing??? You canNOT teach seventh graders sitting down...

I promise there are things I'm thankful for... like Jesus, Jeff, my church family, and on and on.

But right now I find myself dwelling on the other things. I know, I suck.


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