Running! Not so much...

So between having a neverending cold/ear infection/strep and the temperatures fluctuating between 16 degrees and 40 degrees with random rainy days, I haven't been much for running in my sixth month of pregnancy. In fact, I am much MORE for sitting at home and wishing I could sleep... however, my inability to get comfortable along with my inability to breathe have made sleeping slightly difficult.

Not to complain too much though. I am blessed with a job that allows me two weeks off for Christmas and I am very much looking forward to using that time to recover and spend time with family and cleaning (yay). I just have to make it to Tuesday at 3:30, which is totally do-able. Especially since Monday and Tuesday are fun days 'round DC Middle School.

I am pretty excited about some friends coming home for Christmas and getting to see them! Also about baking with a girl from church for presents next week and going to get some cloth diapers with my mom. I am MOST excited about sleeping in and hopefully getting a little running in during the warmer part of the day. Also, maybe spending some more time with Jesus since I have been pretty negligent of that lately.

I know no one really reads this but it's nice to put it out there every once in awhile. Merry Christmas!


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