8 more work days... but whose counting?

So I'm not the greatest at being consistent with this blog... I think of things to write about and then get distracted by watching Gilmore Girls re-runs online (because, let's face it, that show NEVER. ever. gets old... ever.) or by walking my dog or by staring at my swollen ankles, reading blogs, looking at pictures of celebrities who have had babies and wondering if that is a reality for me, the common woman.

I'm frustrated by the overwhelming amount of nudity in the Game of Thrones on HBO... we were DVRing it (is DVR a verb?) at my parents' house, but to skip through the nudity and save poor Jeff's mind you miss most of the show... considering Tyrion is constantly at whorehouses, Cersei uses sex to get pretty much whatever she wants, and Dany spends most of her time with her boobs hanging out. The books were so good (I guess the series technically isn't finished) and the show previews get me super excited but I'm afraid this is one thing Jeffrey and I will be passing on... we sort of watched two episodes and missed a majority of them. Boo... oh well the books are better... unless you are keen on main characters not being killed off... then you probably wouldn't like them all that much.

Speaking of books, I'm hoping the Hunger Games movie doesn't let me down... I got sucked in, being a middle school teacher and all, and plowed through all three over Thanksgiving break and then checked them out again from our school's library and made Jeff read them. They are pretty decent books, especially if you're willing to reconcile that her demographic was middle school-aged kids, so hopefully the movie delivers. I'm realistic that movies leave a LOT out... so we'll see. Don't even get me started on some of the other book-to-movies I've read/seen... The Painted Veil was completely changed, for one... ok I won't get started.

Lastly, I only have 8 more works days... Next Friday is my last day. I wake up with swollen ankles and have been having practice contractions which I could blame on the Evening Primrose Oil. We ordered some Red Raspberry Leaf Tea which is also supposed to induce and shorten labor but it won't be in until Friday since it's coming from Oregon (there isn't a huge tea demand in these parts). I'm trying to just focus on work and not give in to sloth and do my best to be intentional with all of the relationships I have here...

That is all.


  1. Still need to read Game of Thrones...because lets be honest I thrive on books where they kill main characters.


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