My name is Kara and I'm a stress eater.

My baby likes to cry... and not nap. I keep calling it a phase... almost in a "name it claim it" kind of way... I know that's not biblical but maybe I can will him into napping sometime during the day without me holding him... but for now I bounce and sway and SHHH and do my best not to scream.

Instead I do this while stuffing my face. With Chex Mix or dry cereal or whatever I can find.

Because I am a stress eater.

I know this is unhealthy... I know I need to find a better coping mechanism (hello, Jesus anyone?) This is something I've done for as long as I can remember and I can't muster up enough will power to beat it.

So this is me, pleading with the Lord, to take this away. Please, God, give me another way to deal with stress... another way to deal with a screaming baby that only naps for 10 minutes if I'm not holding him... God I need YOU... not salty carbohydrates... or sugary carbohydrates. I need Your grace, Your mercy and Your power to get through these next 18+ years without killing myself by overeating. Please Lord, please.


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