Baby naps

If you were to google "sleep training" or "baby naps" or anything of the sort, you would find a million and one different philosophies on how to get your baby to conform to your schedule.

Here is yet another philosophy.

I conform to my baby's schedule. When he sleeps, I am productive. When he's awake, I let him lay on his mat (it has toys over it and he loves it) as long as he's content. Then I hold him and smile at him and enjoy him and bounce him and soothe him. Of course he is fed and his diaper is changed in there, also.

Just my philosophy. I figure he knows his body. Of course there are times when he is super fussy and I can tell he's really tired... then I try to encourage him into sleep by swaddling, shushing, etc.

It's all up to you. Don't fall victim to the mommy wars. I'm sure you're doing just fine loving your baby and doing what works for you. I don't really care how you do it (especially if you're someone I don't know at Wal-Mart... it's weird how everyone is an expert on MY baby). But I trust you to do it with your child.


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