If you can't be a flamingo...

So I finally went to the chiropractor yesterday. Nevermind that every health professional I've seen since having Chief has told me to see a chiropractor... I've taken my sweet time.

Chief's labor was about 4 hours long... which is pretty intense for a first baby (or so I've been told). Afterwards I had some lower back pain and pain in my pelvis (sorry if that's TMI). The pain was typically off and on, having been brought on by exercising or something of that nature.

But a couple of weeks ago it came out of nowhere and was so intense I couldn't get out of bed three mornings in a row. Slowly throughout the day I could move a little but it was miserable. Those were also the peak three days of Chief's sickness. Fun times.

So I finally went to a chiropractor yesterday. He bent my legs all around and did some xrays.

I had dislocated my pubic bone which is evidently pretty difficult to do. Evidently it's very obvious that you have done this if you can't stand like a flamingo... with one leg bent and one leg straight. I had been having a lot of problems putting on pants because of this.

It's been a good experience for me because I had just been pushing through the pain, ignoring what my body had been telling me. I pleaded with God to take the pain away and was embarrassed to talk to others about it.

I've been trying to place the origin of being embarrassed to be in pain. The week I couldn't walk I had a few sweet women from church scold me for not letting them know so that they could come help me. Maybe it's pride? I'm sure it is. I'm too proud to admit that I am so weak.

There is no shame in being out of commission. No shame in not being able to care for your sick baby. No shame in not being able to fix dinner. I'm saying this mostly for me... so that in case this happens again, I am ok with asking for help.


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