When babies are sick

So I just have one... and he's ten weeks old and, by my definition, perfect and cute and would win any and all beautiful baby competitions if I was the type to enter him in one of those...

Today he is sick. I've had a virus since last Tuesday which has led to sore muscles, a headache, a sore throat, coughing, sneezing, etc. And I think today it's his. He's got a snotty nose but as for the other symptoms all I know is he is fussy and spit-uppy and sad and will. not. nap.

I don't understand the not napping part... mostly because when I was sick I would've paid for a nap. Unfortunately you don't get many of those with a ten-week-old. I know Tina Fey says to nap when the baby naps but I just end up lying there for two hours thinking about all of the things I could be accomplishing. So I don't really nap.

Plus this last week Jeff got second-degree burns on his face while at work and had to stay home all doped up. Good times.

So, pray that baby Chief heals quickly. I can't handle a sick baby very well, I've learned.


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