The story of a life

It seems the more books I read the more I find myself writing out what's happening around me... adding descriptive adjectives to what my actual mood is and the crinkles at the corners of Chief's eyes.
It's a nice feeling, really. I feel more in the moment... describing all these things mentally as they're happening. I really feel the breeze through my hair and find myself blinking back tears when Chief laughs. My dog sprinting back and forth, literally kicking up dust, makes me smile. I am here. I am breathing. I am alive. I am enjoying this.
Music means more... stories mean more... people mean more... coffee tastes better... relationships are richer. Everything has a depth to it. A good story will do that to you... just live it. Let your life be a story you are writing. Take a moment to mentally describe your friend... hear their words. Desribe the tone of their voice in your mind. Take a mental picture. Feel emotions in your bones. If you are angry, be angry. Think about your feelings... what it's doing to your body. If you are sad... be sad. And if you are happy... by all means, be happy. Life is so sweet. Don't just live in the mundane... rejoice in the mundane. Because five years from now, you'll wish you had.


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