Fake Chocolate Ice Cream

Chief is currently fighting nap 3 of the day.

What this looks like is I lay him in his crib on his stomach (I know, I know... it's how he sleeps, mk?) wedged between piles of blankets (again, I knooooow) so that he doesn't flip over. Somehow, however, he manages to flip over. Then he screams at me because, hey, he can't sleep on his back. So I go in there and he smiles at me. Obviously not tired, hellooooo, despite the obvious fussiness for half an hour before laying him down.

So I flip him over and it starts all over again.

He's been quiet for about 4 minutes now so I'm using this time to talk about this wonderful thing I've finally tried.

Fake chocolate ice cream!

Simply stick a peeled banana in the freezer for about an hour.



Mix in cocoa powder.

Voila! So yummy. So NOT unhealthy.

God is good.

And here's a cute picture...

You can't tell, but he was holding himself up by eating the table. Hurray, teething!


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