Long time, no write

Guess who got a tooth? And a cold? And a cough and fever? All at the same time...

This guy. 

Guess who got mastitis? (symptoms- Flu-like symptoms, fever, pain nursing) at the same time said baby got a tooth, cold, cough, fever?

                                                                      This girl. (don't judge me... it was 5 am!)

Of course the above pictures were taken before the sickness took over our lives.

I am super tired... this is all a result of running myself ragged. Going for runs on no sleep... trying to keep the apartment clean and perfect... making meals... trying to help out. Trying to be Super Mom, Super Christian, Super Wife... all around Super.

So... for my efforts I have landed myself in bed... only to get out to drag myself into Chief's room to calm him down or feed him or change him or bring him back into bed with me and the pile of baby toys I keep on my nightstand. 

I have to stop trying to impress everyone. It's literally making me sick.


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