I'm so noncommittal...

I keep wanting to quit this days of thankfulness thing... and it's only the 7th.

So... I am. Because I feel it's a little too narcissistic. Granted, that's kind of what blogging is. We write about what we want to write about and hope someone else will want to read it.

I post pictures of my kid and husband, whine about my issues with food, occasionally talk about Jesus... things that interest me. Which is ok. Because it's my blog.

Chiefer turned 7 months old on Halloween and evidently is a little unhappy about it.

It's weird how much your life changes. I was reading through my journal last night (that's where I write the good stuff, in case you were wondering) and just a couple of months ago I was really upset about Jeff's record and us not being able to get it expunged.

See, dear Jeffrey has a bit of a Past with a capital P. Our God is a God of second chances... unfortunately our government is not.

Due to his record, he can't really work outside of manual labor. McDonald's included. It's a drag. I had pinned a lot of hope on getting it expunged someday. I thought the financial side was the only thing holding us back... which is why I got so excited when my dad's cousin said he would do it for free. 

Then he looked into Jeff's record and the expungement laws... which basically say to get a felony or misdemeanor expunged you cannot have any felonies or misdemeanors prior to or since the one you are trying to get expunged. So hopefully you only screwed up once. Because Jeffrey didn't. He had a hay day.

But here we are two months later and I don't really think about it. I know God wasn't surprised by this. I know He has a plan for Jeff. I know Jeff can't keep working sixty hours a week and be the husband/father he desires to be... I feel like I've let go of this matter and released my controlling fingers. I don't have to figure this out... God has it figured out. 

Oh, and today I'm thankful I don't have facebook so I don't have to read all the crazy election talk! :)


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