My sin abounds... and grace abounds even more!

Today I am so thankful for grace... grace afforded to me by God. Grace I won't even give myself...

As long as I can remember I have hidden behind food.

I have a love/hate relationship with food... I enjoy it. I enjoy cooking and baking.

But I hate it so much. I hate that due to choices I've all but ruined my metabolism.

I hate that I know how many calories are in everything. I hate that when I look at food I see numbers... I hate that I can't go for a run or take a walk without knowing what I'm burning... rather than just enjoying it or  being healthy.

It ebbs and flows, sure. And I was in a short season of reprieve... I was just eating when I was hungry... exercising because I know I still need to lose some pregnancy weight.

Then, yesterday.

Sundays are HARD. After church lunch... dinner with our small group. Calories, calories, calories.

And I went so overboard yesterday. I ate two days' worth of calories.

It always takes a couple of days for me to recover after having a day like that. To reign it back in... and today is no different.

But I am grateful that God extends His grace to me when I am incapable of having grace for myself.


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