When people get in the way...

"People are important, not things."

I have this tendency to operate on a to-do list. Everything is just another thing to cross off before the next thing... reading my Bible... check... vacuuming... check... eat... check.

It's how I operate. It's how I feel productive. It's how I get my self-worth. I have been productive today because of this, this, and this. I have crossed off the items on my list, therefore I have worth.
But there are things that get in the way.
Sometimes, your baby doesn't go down for his morning nap and, due to fussiness and exhaustion, just wants to be held.

Sometimes a friend stops by and stays for several hours because she needs someone to talk to.

And yes, this gets in the way of my list.

It doesn't matter that I had BIG plans to run today (because let's face it, I really need to run... have you seen my scale?!?!) or that I really need to clean the bathroom (I'm not too heartbroken over that one, let's be honest) or that I just want to read one of the books I checked out from the library last week.

So, no I can't necessarily say I was "productive" today.

I'll have to eat a little less to make up for not running.

The bathroom might have that weird smell a couple more days than I intended.

But the things I did today can be eternal. And that's something you can't ever cross off of a to-do list.


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