For no reason...

I don't know what it was...

I had my iPhone sitting on the table... the Pandora app open.. listening to the Lumineers station.

Chief was in his walker, waving a plastic drumstick around.

My cast-iron skillet was on the stove, sauteeing leeks for the cream of mushroom soup I was making.

And I felt so overwhelmed with joy... that I fell to my knees thanking God.

Chief looked at me like I was silly and smiled his big gappy grin, exposing his two bottom teeth that become more noticeable everyday.

Oscar leaped at the opportunity to lick my face.

So grateful.

Why do I get to live the life I do? I'm not sure... but there on my kitchen floor in my little apartment I thanked God on my knees for this amazing life. It may not look so fabulous from the outside but it is. I promise.

It's these moments of clarity I have to cling to... when the world is fighting to convince me my life isn't good... my life could be better... if I were at my pre-pregnancy weight... if we had a house with a yard... if we lived in a nicer neighborhood... if Chief slept better at night... etc. etc.

God is so good. He is so faithful.


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