May-December castings

So I have this beef with people dating out of what I deem their appropriate age range.

Not that love cannot surpass decades of age difference... but for some reason it bothers me. What do they talk about? How do you reconcile your very different seasons in life?

It bothers me SO much, that I won't see movies that cast romances that are too far apart in age... and it seems like this has happened more lately...

Now, Anne Hathaway is an excellent actress and was an impressive Catwoman... but Anne Hathaway's Catwoman to Christian Bale's Batman? I didn't love it. The chemistry was off. He's got weathered face lines showing his age and she's got clear, porcelain skin.

I just googled it and he's only 8 years older than her so this really isn't so terrible but they look 10+ years apart to me.

This one really bothered me. They are both excellent thespians... But Jennifer Lawrence is 22. And Bradley Cooper is 38. It just rubbed me the wrong way.

And the latest...

Kristen Stewart and Ben Affleck will be doing a movie together.

She drives me crazy anyway... with her bad interviewing skills... I mean can't you just "act" during an interview and not be all dodgy and drop the f-bomb every 5 seconds?!?!

Maybe it's just disheartening to see these castings because it's almost as if aging women are not what sells. Maybe that's why I love Parenthood so much...

Because, realistically, women age. We have kids. We get muffin tops that are really hard to work off. That's what we look like. And if that isn't advertised as beautiful in movies or tv shows and magazines, then it's no surprise that men get bored with their wives once they reach a certain age.

Now I get that I took a soapbox to a real place... but it is what it is.


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