My life lately

Chief is trying REALLY hard to crawl. I thought this empty can of steel cut oats might inspire him...

This has always been my trick for keeping him happy while I got ready... but he's getting a little too big for the bathroom sink...

We got to go visit my family at Grand Lake... that's my dad wandering around looking at leaves... he's a little odd. :)

I don't know if I've whored this picture out enough yet... it's our Christmas card picture! For the first time in our three years of marriage Jeff is letting me send out cards with our picture on them! I think it's because we have a cute baby to show off... just a theory, though. 
We have officially given up on purees that make our child scream and kick and have given in to baby-led weaning... with has been significantly more successful.

This week will be filled with scrounging up dirty santa gifts for parties, trying to find outfits that fit my odd-shaped post-baby body to wear to said parties, baking Christmas presents and running off the batter from said presents.


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