Slow down!

Christmas 2012 is officially over.

The world didn't end. Snowmageddon didn't happen.

Chief didn't actually ingest any of the wrapping paper he stuffed in his mouth on his first Christmas.

No relatives were attacked.

So... there has been so much leading up to this holiday. It was a Christmas of firsts-

First Christmas for Chief.
First Christmas for both Jeff's family and my family to celebrate together.
First Christmas for Jeff to have both of his parents at the same celebration.
First Christmas without any of my mom's family.

Those four things (though not so much the first one) have contributed to a lot of uneasiness and apprehension about how the holiday would go.

But it came and went and was even a little uneventful.

Now life can slow down a little, hopefully. Maybe my kid can stop changing every single day. Maybe we can go into 2013 with a focus on a little less stress, a little more fun.

I'm no good when it comes to resolutions. I don't see the point in them. I don't understand waiting for a specific day to start something. Just start now.

What I want to just start now:

Less stress.
More fun.

Less time on the iphone. 
Less time worrying.
Less calorie counting.
More time walking slowly.
More reading.
More playing on the floor.
More time at the dog park.
More lazy Sunday afternoons watching movies with my husband.

Starting now!


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