The vicious cycle

When I was in junior high I was a cheerleader.

Not the cute kind.

I had frizzy blonde hair and braces and wore waaay too much eyeliner (akin to Taylor Momsen).

The point of saying all of that is that we had a cheer in which we spelled the word vicious and I still use it to this day to spell it. I used it to spell this blog title.

The vicious (V-I-C-I-O-U-S, yes! We're vicious!) cycle I'm referring to is that whole "I don't feel pretty today so I don't want to change out of my sweats and I don't feel pretty because I'm wearing sweats!"

I've been stuck in this rut.

I get it, I'm a stay-at-home Mom, yada yada. And I have the freedom to wear what I want as I sit with a baby all day.

But it's starting to wear on me.

I feel frumpy and dumpy (because that's what you look like when you wear sweatpants. Let's face it.) So I don't see the point in putting on jeans and running a brush through my hair. Maybe a little mascara and lip gloss wouldn't hurt either. But what's the point if I'm feeling frumpy and dumpy?

I think this is one area where "Fake it until you make it" actually rings true.

So I tried it yesterday. I put on jeans. I fixed my hair. Put on a tiny amount of make-up.

At first I didn't notice a difference. But as the day wore on, I was more active around my home. I cleaned more. I ate better.

Weird, right?

I guess I felt like I was worth taking care of.

It may take me until 2 pm, but I will eventually change out of my pajamas.


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