Why do I care?!

Sometimes my baby does yoga. 
Sometimes he does downward facing dog.
Sometimes he does downward facing dog in the dog cage.

I am grateful for this kid. He makes life seem not so serious. Because he can go from screaming to happy in a matter of seconds (and unfortunately, the opposite is true as well.) 


So, I have this person in my life. This person I will call Randy (mostly because that is a gender-neutral name). 

Randy is the epitome of living out the victim mentality. S/he blames all of his/her problems on everyone else. 

I fall in the "everyone else" category.

I'm tired of it. I keep trying to fix things with Randy but it usually just worsens them.

Today I was asked, "why do you care?"

And I'm stumped. Why do I care?

Is it my need to feel validated? Have everyone see that I am right and Randy is wrong? Is it my need to have only normal people that I can tolerate in my life? Do I want to "fix" Randy for the good of Randy, or for the good of me? Because it would make my life easier if Randy could just own some of his/her actions. Admit that maybe some of the reason that his/her life always seems to be falling apart is due to his/her choices.

Why do I get so angry when Randy is around? Why can't I just let it go? Why can't I accept that I can't change people? 

Why do I care?!

I have decided that if I ever figure it out I can write a bestselling book.

As soon as Randy dies.

Which, based on my experience, will be never. Because difficult people have more lives than cats.



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