For we are justified by Facebook...

I can remember the old school style of Facebook that said at the top of your "Wall" how many times your wall had been written on. Which is actually SO dated, that when I googled "Old Facebook layout" I couldn't find it. This was back when your status update looked like: "Kara is..." and then you completed the sentence.

Point being, I attended a small community college for two years before transferring to a university. So, in 2004, my little ju-co was one of the last colleges to get Facebook.

By the time I got on, I was hooked. I poured over pictures of former high school classmates. I obsessed over Spring Break pictures, curious over how Nicky had such amazing abs? And how did Lindsey end up with such big boobs? (That one wasn't hard to figure out).

One thing I became oddly obsessed with, was how many wall posts people had. My former classmates that had been popular in high school had nearly 1000 wall posts. I had a measly 33.

Thus my mission began.

I found myself writing on EVERYONE'S wall. (Now at this stage in Facebook, you didn't "comment" on wall posts. You went back and replied on the other person's wall). Is it even called a "wall" anymore?

I said "How have you been? How are classes?" or whatever other menial small talk I could muster up in a desperate attempt to Get More Wall Posts!

See, I had convinced myself other people would think I was worth it if I could get 1000 wall posts.

The number of wall posts=my worth.

Funny story- shortly after getting 1000 posts, the layout was changed to no longer number wall posts.

And that's just how I know God has a sense of humor. And wants me to get my validation other ways.

Do you have any funny stories about ways you tried to validate yourself?


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