I haven't posted in a good long while. Not because I haven't had ideas... I do. My ideas are just allllll over the place.

I am interested in lots of things. I am interested in writing about lots of things. Jesus, life, my kid, pregnancy, marriage, marriage problems, mom guilt, art, clothes, books, running, identity, insecurity...

But the thing is I don't exactly feel super qualified to write about any of those things. I know there are already a lot of blogs about all of these things and I don't really know that I have anything different to offer. Do I really have a voice that is unique?

Why do I feel like I need something to offer? Why isn't just writing to the 2 or 3 people who stumble across my blog each month enough? Do I really need to be an expert or have a niche? Maybe there's someone out there just as all over the place as I am.

It all goes back to my need to justify my worth. Who am I justifying my worth to? (Please ignore all of the times I end sentences in prepositions... it bothers me each and everything time but I feel pretentious writing "To whom am I justifying my worth?")

I don't necessarily have to be an expert on literature to write about the Dietrich Bonhoeffer biography I just read and how it wrecked me... and I don't have to have gone to seminary to talk about what Jesus is showing me in my life.

So there is all of that. I am hoping to start posting more. I would like to have some sort of purpose for this blog. Some sort of direction. But while I am figuring that out, expect randomness... none of which I am an expert on (on which none I am an expert).


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