Pregnancy update...

So I am officially 5 weeks away from delivering my second baby, another boy, Dax.
(obviously I am a few weeks behind on bump pictures... he is so low)

This pregnancy has been extremely different from my last. I felt like a zombie the first twenty or so weeks (a zombie that throws up... and loves mashed potatoes... as opposed to the yucky things actual zombies love), my pelvic instability reared its ugly head around week twenty (thus crushing my pregnant girl running goals), and around week 30 I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. WOW.

This, plus the fact that my toddler has been sick for basically two months, may have contributed to why I haven't really been blogging much here as of late. In fact, we just got home from the pediatrician where we found out he has RSV and I will be in the throes of administering breathing treatments for the next few days. On top of eating a low carb diet and stabbing my finger four times a day.

I honestly feel very ungrateful and like I am living with a narrow perspective saying all of this... while it is true that this pregnancy has been less than ideal, I realize there are people who have diabetes all the time that have to live this way... also people with children with disabilities (not just the occasional winter illness), those who would love to get pregnant and experience months of vomiting but are unable to, etc. etc.

Through all of this, the Lord is stripping me of some idols that I didn't realize I was holding on to so closely and teaching me lots of fun things that evidently my boneheaded self could only learn through these experiences.

I plan (let's use the word plan as loosely as possible here, please) on updating more over the next couple weeks about said idols and how yucky my heart is... so if you want to feel better about yourself, check back and hopefully between breathing treatments and googling ideas on different ways to make eggs for breakfast, I will have updated. I am writing this to hopefully keep me accountable. Spoiler alert: one involves a new missional opportunity I embarked on that is making me want to run terrified back to my safe, Christian bubble.

Much love. Enjoy your carbs and non-pricked fingers. 


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