These boys...

I want to, probably for my own sake, think about where my littles are at this point in life...

Chief. He is part zombie... meaning, the kid bites. He doesn't just bite other kids, he gnaws on them. Gleefully. Otherwise, he is delightful. He loves to wrestle and run in circles and spin and make up songs and go for walks in the big stroller (double stroller) where he tells his baby brother everything he sees... "Car! Grass! Tree! Tree, baby Dax, tree!"

He isn't too keen on this whole potty training thing... unless he's naked. If he could walk around naked all the time he would be doing just fine. Put some big boy underwear on him, though, and it's accident city. So he gets lots of naked time!

He makes me laugh so much and has started pretending. He brings me pretend coffee and goes to pretend church. Love it.

Dax. This kid is sooo chill. Sooo the opposite of his older brother. He just smiles. He occasionally pretends to be fussy when he's hungry or sleepy. But mostly he just smiles. He's a joy, joy, joy and sooo cute. He loves people and interaction. He falls asleep in under five minutes. Seriously. Pure joy.

Thankful today.


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