The struggle of two

The transition from one to two has been significantly more difficult than I could have anticipated. It's true, many people said it would be... but you never really know until it happens. I have realized my selfishness and how much I truly devalue the role of motherhood. It is my calling to shepherd these little hearts... and sometimes that means things I want to do can't happen in this season. Sometimes my workouts get cut short or I can't read every book I would like or the bathroom may not get cleaned for a few days... weeks... and that's ok. Because while those things are definitely important, they aren't the important thing I am called to do. Motherhood is my occupation. If I had any other job, I would train for it and study for it and try to improve. True, motherhood is kind of a learn as you go job, but thankfully I have Jesus to help train me. Let's be honest how much we struggle... it humanizes us as mothers and helps kill the cycle of comparison that robs our joy.


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