I stopped counting calories.

"I am so crazy. I can't count anymore."

That's what I said Friday night.

No more numbers swirling in my head... accusing me. Telling me I failed. Telling me the day was a wash.

I ate too many carbs. Not enough protein. Too many calories. IIFYM says not to subtract for exercise. My starving body requests otherwise. Avocados have good fats but too many calories. Try PB2... powdered peanut butter? Yuck. But only 45 calories!

I am done. DONE.

I have counted my food in some form or another for over ten years. I know the calories in most any kind of food. I have weighed food. I have logged, logged, logged.

Carrie Underwood, that's great that counting calories works for you. Your legs are tiny. Mine never will be.

Random figure competitor girl... that's awesome that counting macros whittled you down to your freakish proportions.

I canNOT do it anymore.

I am surrendering to God. I can no longer have good days and bad days based on numbers.


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