Chief, you made me a mom... a role I was reluctant to take. I am the least adequate person for the job.

 You are passionate. You feel with the strongest emotions imaginable. There is no question as to what is on your mind.
 You are a delight and a joy. You have stretched me in ways I never thought possible.
 When I think of you, I smile. You are funny and caring. You have such a merciful heart.
 You are curious and inquisitive. You laugh the loudest and eat the fastest. You just want to go, go, go.
 You don't want to be the center of attention. You want to observe and slowly join... once you are sure.
 You love the outdoors and especially digging. You love fire trucks, any kind of construction vehicle and (lately) snowplows.
 You are slowly figuring out what it means to be a big brother. You love Dax and want to show him everything.
 You love your daddy and ask to go visit him at work almost every day. You love to wrestle and tackle and play rough.
 You want to know everyone's names when we meet them and when they can come over for dinner. You have taught me hospitality.
 You love your grandparents and would have them over every single day.
 You like to cuddle with your mom and dad.

You love changing clothes and picking out different outfits throughout the day.
 You love cooking and baking and always ask to help with whatever I am making.
 You have taught me more about living in the moment than I could have learned anywhere else.
I love you, so so much. Happy 3rd birthday!


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