My attempt to make a plan...

Ok, so I want to be intentional with this little space of mine... I also want to create a little bit of accountability for myself to keep it up better than I have been.

I used to think I was a Type A personality. I think because I was typically in charge of groups when I was in school, was self-motivated, made good grades, leader of a lot of the campus organizations I was in, etc. I can follow a schedule well and exceed within boundaries.

However, since graduating college and working in various jobs and especially since becoming a stay-at-home Mom, I am starting to think I am more Type B. I really prefer a loose schedule and spontaneity (something my toddler does NOT enjoy... as evidenced by a meltdown this morning when I tried to change plans at the last minute for a fun trip to Chickfila for a free breakfast promotion they were doing). I still am fairly self-motivated... but without accountability I tend to flounder. The exception to this has been exercising, but I think my own self-image issues have held me accountable in that area.
All that to say, I am bucking my own trend and going to attempt to set up a "schedule" for this blog in efforts to hold me accountable.

I've been trying to think about- realistically- what I enjoy talking about and what my life is really defined by at the moment. Obviously my relationship with Jesus... but I don't know that it necessarily needs to be on the schedule, as it (hopefully) will pop up in my writing. I love to read and am a FAST reader, so I find myself naturally recommending books to people and begging others to read books I have read so I have someone to discuss them with. I also really just enjoy writing memoir-type essays over things I have learned in my life. Lastly, but not because it is of lesser value, I am a mom. And, y'all, being a mom can be hard. I often wonder, as I sit in the garage (it's where I escape to) while my toddler tantrums, what hard thing in me is God trying to correct, by allowing me to experience so much mayhem with my kids. And, seriously, they are only 3 and 1. It's not like the challenges will get easier. So, I definitely want to dedicate some time to writing about my life as a mom.

I have already mentioned I exercise pretty regularly, but I have a feeling that the topic of exercise, much like my spirituality, will pop up in my writing naturally.

So, here is my thinking... and I am hoping the four of you will hold me accountable to this...

Memoir Monday- on Mondays I plan to post essays I have written. There won't really be a particular theme... they may be on any topic. This is kind of all I have been posting lately.

What I'm Reading Wednesday- (are you seeing my love for all things alliteration?) I will discuss books. And I read a wide variety, so it won't be like I am just picking apart heavy theological tomes.

For Mothers Friday- this won't always be serious. Sometimes I will keep it light.

As you can see, I have left myself a lot of room to venture out in this "schedule." So, though it is technically a "schedule", it's a schedule in the loosest sense... "shed-yool" like they say it on Mary Poppins.


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